Business Analysis, Software Testing, Usability: A Quick Guide Book for Better Project Management and Faster IT Career Dorothy Graham Foreword by
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There are many books about topics and disciplines in Information Technology. But most books concentrate on a single area. This book is an exception - it looks at three disciplines and ties them together. Excellent idea. Congratulations to Koray for putting this book together, and also for his generosity in donating profits to schools. -- Dorothy Graham, Best-selling Author Koray does a great job of using clever, insightful metaphors to illustrate concepts. He writes in an accessible, easy-to-read style. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. -- Rex Black, Best-selling Author In his book Koray uses two phrases again and again. The first is Quality is not tested, but built. The other phrase is ... should first be handled as a people issue rather than a technology issue. To those in the IT world who need an understanding of these principles, I recommend this book. -- Lee Copeland, Best-selling Author This book is a quick guide to business analysis, software testing, and usability disciplines. Throughout the book, different perspectives are brought to the following interesting comparisons and relationships: Business Analysis - Business analysts and software testers - Usability specialists and business analysts - System analysts and business analysts - Project management and business analysis - Business requirements and system requirements - Use cases and user requirements - The object-oriented approach versus the business process approach - Functional requirements and non-functional requirements - Scope management and stakeholder management - Change management and project management - Process flows, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams - Use case modelling and project scope definition - In-scope items and out-of-scope items - Unclear requirements and test cases - Traceability matrix and gold plating - Change request management process and requirements management tools - Impact analysis and traceability matrix - Project Management Institute (PMI) knowledge areas and business analysis Software Testing - Software test design techniques and high jump techniques - Software testing and road traffic - Priority versus severity - Risk and software testing - Software testing levels and software testing types - Black-box testing versus white-box testing - Statement coverage versus decision coverage Usability - User Experience (UX) and usability - Usability specialists and business analysts - Usability testing versus user acceptance testing - Interaction design and process flow design - User profiling versus persona identification - Interface design and interaction design This book targets broad range of professionals such as: - Business analysts, software testers, usability specialists and UX designers - Systems analysts and developers - Project managers, entrepreneurs, product owners, scrum masters and product managers - Business units, sales managers and marketing managers - Business consultants, management consultants, C-level executives - Managers of all divisions


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