The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, The Adventure of the Devil's Foot, The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge Arthur Conan Doyle Author
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But why Turkish? asked Mr. Sherlock Holmes, gazing fixedly at my boots. I was reclining in a cane-backed chair at the moment, and my protruded feet had attracted his ever-active attention.English, I answered in some surprise. I got them at Latimer's, in Oxford Street.Holmes smiled with an expression of weary patience.The bath! he said; the bath! Why the relaxing and expensive Turkish rather than the invigorating home-made article?Because for the last few days I have been feeling rheumatic and old. A Turkish bath is what we call an alterative in medicine--a fresh starting-point, a cleanser of the system.By the way, Holmes, I added, I have no doubt the connection between my boots and a Turkish bath is a perfectly self-evident one to a logical mind, and yet I should be obliged to you if you would indicate it.The train of reasoning is not very obscure, Watson, said Holmes with a mischievous twinkle. It belongs to the same elementary class of deduction which I should illustrate if I were to ask you who shared your cab in your drive this morning.


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