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The Story of Atlantis W. Scott-Elliot - FROM the time of the Greeks and the Romans onwards, volumes have been written about the peoples who in their turn have filled the stage of history. Their political institutions, religious beliefs, social and domestic manners and customs have all been analyzed and catalogued, and countless works in many languages record for the march of human progress. But little is known of the hundreds of thousands of years which elapsed from the time when the earliest humans started populating the Earth to the time of the Greeks and Romans - a time which bore witness to the rise and fall of innumerable civilizations, but especially to the most fabled ancient civilization of them all Atlantis. This book by W. Scott-Elliot attempts to do exactly this.Any record of the world's progress during the period of the Atlantean race must embrace the history of many nations and register the rise and fall of many civilizations. While it records the rise and the glory it must also record the decadence and ultimate demise of the Atlantean civilization as a whole. But above all, it should also trace any effects that this once great civilization still has on us in the 21st Century.Since the Atlantean craze was started in the late 19th C., many expeditions, searches and surveys have been conducted to find the remains of the fabled Atlantean civilization. To date all have been judged inconclusive.But what is it that keeps the Atlantean legend alive and in our consciousness? Could it be that the human race has a residual memory of this once great civilization? While our knowledge and libraries have grown enormously since the 1890s with vastly improved access, it would be a foolish person that states unequivocally that Atlantis doesnt exist or never existed at all; for to say so would be like believing the medieval Churchs claim that world was the centre of the universe. In mankinds mind it was, until it was proven it wasnt.


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