The Big Easter Coloring Book for 10 Years Old Kids: Cute Easter Coloring Book for Kids and Toddlers with 100 Cute and Fun Images about Easter eggs, Cu
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 55% OFF for Bookstore! NOW at $ 17.98 instead of $ 39.97! LAST DAYS! Your customers will never stop using this awesome book!The Earliest Evidence of a more modern Easter Bunny dates back to the 1600s. This rabbit, called the Oschter Haws or Easter Hare, was believed to lay a nest of colorful eggs for the children who were good for the whole year. Children would make nests for Oschter Haws to leave behind eggs. The same children would then later find the baskets filled with colorful easter eggs. This coloring book contains several Oschter Haws (Easter Bunny) characters and decorated eggs for kids to have fun and enjoy with their friends.This coloring book is meant for young children to get brain exercise while they have fun for countless hours. Buy it now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!


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