Mara Lolita Sheremet Author
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Our contemporary enters the unknown world. She went upstairs to the apartment of her drunken neighbor, a former Soviet archeologist, in order to bring him a pack of cigarettes from an old friend. A neighbor once told a heroine how in one expedition he met with space aliens and received a hoop from them. The heroine, of course, did not believe him, believing that the neighbor's drunken roof had gone. And so she rises to his apartment and finds a neighbor dead. And on the old broken chair he sees ... a hoop. She did not know, then repeatedly asked herself the question, what the devil took this hoop and put on her head ?! She is ... in a different world and in the body of a young hawthorn. Her name is now Mara. She is the daughter of a boyar commander of a small town. In addition to her memory, she also has the memory of that hawthorn. And here everything looks like Ancient Russia, the language resembles Russian.


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