Lady and the vampire Natalie Yakobson Author
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Violetta is in love with a mysterious stranger who saved her from sorcerers and vampires, and he himself disappeared. She does not even suspect that her lover himself is a prince of shadows and a vampire. However, for some strange reason, he defends it. In the kingdom where Violetta lives, something strange begins to happen: the three daughters of the king suddenly die. They say they were a victim of magic. Violetta accidentally falls on the Sabbath, the witches on which are strikingly similar to the dead princesses. They believe that Violet will soon become one of them, because the king of vampires is already looking for her. And the captain of the damned ship wants to ruin the girl before some ancient prophecy is fulfilled. Violetta tries to fight with magic on her own, but they are not enough. And the only one who can help her is the beloved, who himself is struggling to keep from drinking her blood every second.


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