Gay and Rich: A Journey Into the Wealthy Male Homosexual Identity J.D. Ph.D. Paul L. Hokemeyer Author
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In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Hokemeyer takes his readers into the psyches of human beings who live at the intersection of two significant identities. Navigating this terrain though an established qualitative methodology of data analysis, he develops the construct of internalized wealthism and extends the construct of the double closet. Through internalized wealthism, people of wealth internalize the negative stereotypes that society and culture hold against them. Through his extension of the double closet, Dr. Hokemeyer explains how wealthy gay men must first transcend their homosexual closet and then transcend the closet that hides their wealth before they can function in the world as authentic human beings. Armed with a digital recorder, an established methodology and an inside track into this population, Dr. Hokemeyer shines a light on the joy, pain, fears and aspirations of individuals who live in a world that consciously and unconsciously seeks to manipulate, stigmatize and objectify them.


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