Telecommunications and Electronic Media Industries in China- A Portrayal in Western News Miao Zhang Author
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The telecommunications and electronic media industries (TEMI) of China have experienced rapid growth since these industries were reorganized and reformed in the market-oriented direction. With the development of globalization and westernization, China's TEMI, despite a local issue, have already been included in the news agenda of Western media and observed worldwide. What was the reality of China's TEMI in the the global environment? What and how did Western news portray the reality of China's TEMI? What more about China's TEMI could be found through academic research than business reports? This book examined such kinds of questions quantitatively and qualitatively. Grounded in the theoretical frameworks of the agenda-setting theory, the framing theory, the reality constructed by media, and determinants on foreign news coverage, questions about China's TEMI were investigated for tracking the reality and trends over time, especially how China's TEMI were framed in Western news. This book is addressed to telecom and media industry investors, analysts, and consumers who are involving in China's telecommunication and media development. It is also directed towards young scholars or research beginners in the field of journalism, communication and media studies.


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