Nike Inc- Complete Analysis: SWOT, PESTLE and Marketing strategy BANKIM CHANDRA PANDEY Author
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Nike competitor analysis Adidas-Adidas worldwide revenue is around 16 billion US dollar and has the brand valuation of around 7 billion US dollar. Adidas is one of the biggest Nike competitors. The main advantage of this company is its brand value and having a strong subsidiary in Reebok. Reebok- The company has world revenue three billion US dollar and brand valuation of around one billion US dollar. It is a subsidiary company of Adidas which operates independently. The company is mainly famous for its designer footwear for sports. Puma- The company has revenue around 3.4 billion and third Nike competitor which is known for its running shoes and sports apparel.The founder of Puma and Adidas were brothers but they got separated in 1948. Adidas is far ahead of Puma but Puma is global Nike competitor. Although Puma lacks in sports sponsorship revenue generated by Puma is enormous. Fila- The company is one of the largest manufacturing companies in footwear brand. Fila is not the premium category in comparison to Nike. The fila adopt penetration pricing technique by giving the cheaper branded product in comparison to NIKE. The company main policy revolves around cost advantage then its design or differentiation. 


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