Strange Reflections: Alex Morgan. Paranormal Investigator. Episode 3 Jay Mason Author
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Alex notices that people start behaving oddly when they look into mirrors. They become paranoid and convinced that their mirror counterparts are trying to kill them. Soon students wreak havoc at the college and run amok through the town smashing windows. They attack anyone they believe may be working with their mirror selves. Even Alex's mother gets infected, confirming Alex's suspicion that the Centre is involved. With c0nundrum's help, Alex and her friends break into the Centre and discover the terrible secret at its heart... The Series: Alexandra Morgan, known as Alex, is a 19-year-old college student and the daughter of two prize-winning scientists. What no one knows is that in her free time Alex is a paranormal investigator who takes on a variety of mysterious cases. Together with her best friend Rusty and an online associate known only as c0nundrum, she unravels a conspiracy that will put her own life and that of her family in danger...


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