Turn Your Computer into a Money Machine, How to Make Money from Home Freelancing on Fiverr: Fiverr Secrets of Power Sellers Michael B. Jones Author
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As the gig economy grows larger in our world today, learn about the profoundly simple tricks and tips for making your own online income with Freelancing on Fiverr. Following the experiences, successes, and personal freelancing stories. If you want to learn how to open your own Fiverr profile, market your profile, list your own services (gigs), manage customer requests and expectations, apply for PRO verification, and secure an income for yourself, it's time to consider reading Freelancing on Fiverr.We know all the other guides out there. All of them. They are slapped together to make a quick buck from you. We know who writes them; we know where they frequent; we know how they tick. With us, you are at the right place and will be laughing all the way to the bank. This is what you should be doing. We have 70 of content for you, written from experience, time proven and fully actionable.For the first time, we are revealing our Fiverr secrets and dozens of Fiverr gigs that we have successfully used to make money online, sitting in our gardens with our laptops.Here is a brief overview of what is inside:* How to set up your Fiverr account for maximum results* How to set up your gigs so they attract customers like a magnet* Dozens of very simple Fiverr gigs anyone can do* How to communicate with your customers the best way* Mistakes you need to avoid!* How to promote your gigs to snatch customers away from the competition* Much more!Come and join us on the way to financial freedom!


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