Utilization of stress tolerant bacteria for reclamation of sodic soil Singh Rachana Author
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Drought and salt stress are the major problems all over the world. High salt contents in soils make the soil sodic and affect crop cultivation in large areas of both developed and developing countries. A sodic soil contains high concentration of sodium content associated with the negatively charged clay particles. Abundance of Na+ and Cl- ions decreases the activity of other essential elements in the soil and can lead to reduction in uptake of growth support by the plants. The direct effects of salt stress on plant growth involves plant nutrient deficiency, growth and yield. To overcome the problem of fertility in sodic soils, microbes could be used to replenish the nutrients and create a balance soil. Soil bacteria support and protect plants against abiotic stresses and enhance yield both directly and indirectly. Use of salt tolerant bacteria is definitely a boon for the reclamation of sodic soil to provide unstressed environment for plants. This book is an effort to prove the concept by research.


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