Eastern Nile River Basin Enviromental Threats Yitayih Muluken Author
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The Nile River is one of the life-giving source for freshwater to the riparian states. However, severe environmental problems are affecting the Nile basin ecosystem today. Particularly, the Eastern Nile basin suffers from many environmental problems including deforestation, degradation and fragmentation of land, desertification, the loss of soil fertility, a dramatic decline and loss of biodiversity and lakes, wetlands, air and water pollution.In spite of the seriousness of the problems faced in the region, it is not yet well understood by the Riparian States and they have been delayed in solving the problems. There is less political will, commitments, trust and confidence among riparian states. To ensure the sustainable use of this resource, having all inclusive, permanent legal and institutional frameworks is a vital milestone for cooperation, peace, stability, joint investment and prosperity. And it can be engine for national and regional economic growth by tackling existing environmental threats through cooperative and integrated efforts.


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