Efficient Data Recovery with Data Integrity Protection Patel Nilax Author
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To protect outsourced data in cloud storage against corruptions, enabling integrity protection, fault tolerance, and efficient recovery for cloud storage becomes critical. FMSR-DIP is a proof-of-concept prototype aimed at providing data integrity protection atop today's cloud storage. FMSR-DIP augments the FMSR code with a data checking capability that allows stored data to be sampled for checking in a flexible manner, without adding to its download traffic requirements during file downloads or repairs. So its provides an efficient data integrity checking capability to FMSR code to provide a more comprehensive data protection solution, without eliminating the advantage of using FMSR code.We design and implement a practical data integrity protection (DIP) scheme for a specific regenerating code, while preserving the intrinsic properties of fault tolerance and repair traffic saving. This DIP scheme is designed under a Byzantine adversarial model, and enables a client to feasibly verify the integrity of random subsets of outsourced data against general or malicious corruptions.


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