Studies on Manganese Peroxidase of a Mushroom - Stereum Ostrea K. Praveen Author
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Ligninolytic enzymes of microorganisms particularly fungi belongs to Basidiomycota play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle. The demand for application of ligninolytic enzymes complexes of white-rot fungi in industry and biotechnology is ever increasing due to their use in a variety of processes. Ligninolytic enzymes have potential applications in a large number of fields, including the chemical, fuel, food, agricultural, paper, textile, cosmetic industrial sectors and more. This ligninolytic system of white-rot fungi is also directly involved in the degradation of various xenobiotic compounds and dyes. Their capacities to remove xenobiotic substances and produce polymeric products make them a useful tool for bioremediation purposes. This book experimentally explains the production, purification, characterization and dye decolorization ability of one of the ligninolytic enzymes i.e., Manganese peroxidases (EC; belong to the family of oxidoreductases) of Stereum ostrea, the false turkey tail fungus.


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