Successful Team Dynamics: A Leader's Contributions and Responsibilities James Tallant Author
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Essay from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics - Operations Research, grade: 96.00, University of Phoenix, course: Skills for Professional Development, language: English, abstract: Team dynamics and groups are used by multinational to owned locally companies and academic institutions as part of a project to create, develop, or research a new product, procedure or solution. Regardless of the environment, team dynamics is a growing trend. Realizing that results from a successful learning team as a whole outweigh any possible results from the team's individual members by themselves only adds value to the team dynamics concept. A successful team dynamics completion can only be accomplished by the supervision of an excellent team leader. Orchestrating a successful team through its life cycle is difficult and takes a special person to lead the team. A successful team leader's contributions and responsibilities are varied. However, according to (Johnson, 2005), 'Successful team leadership is not just about accomplishing tasks. Team dynamic leadership is about accomplishing both tasks and fostering relationships.' The contributions and responsibilities of the leader to the team dynamics system are the ability to provide leadership, focus, coordination, and most important communication


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