ASSUFOX: Web 3.0 Search Support Tool for Google Marcel Awasum Author
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Using Web Search Engines (WSEs) to search on the web is considered to be an easy process by many web searchers; meanwhile, most of them are left frustrated in an attempt to satisfy their information needs, even after modifying their search queries and/or using the search filters provided by WSEs. Whichever strategy they use, they are still often challenged by the following questions: How can I create a more precise search query? How do I know whether using a given search filter drives me towards or away from my search goals? How do I gain search experience by using these filters? In Marcel Awasum's book, he outlines the development process of a search tool, known as ASSUFOX - a Firefox browser extension - that answers these questions. He starts by illustrating some of the problems faced during searching and thereafter explains the scientific methods and paradigms needed to understand the concept, based on which ASSUFOX was developed. The evaluation results showed that this tool significantly enhances searching.


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