Home Security Systems. Intrusion Detection with GSM Washington Mutwiri Author
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Academic Paper from the year 2019 in the subject Computer Science - IT-Security, grade: 2.1, Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Information Technology), course: IT security, language: English, abstract: There are various advanced intelligent home security applications operating with different systems. However, this report focuses on an effective, practical, and economically efficient GSM module integrated with IR sensors. This system is designed to detect intrusions and respond through alarm systems that restrict entry by activating various lock mechanisms to secure the premises. The system functionality of this embedded home security application is integrated with facial recognition software and Artificial Intelligence technology such as voice detection and motion sensors. The functionality of this system is easy to understand thus the users do not require advanced knowledge and skills in Information Technology. The system is user-friendly in terms of power consumption, maintenance, optimization, and allows for device interoperability. The proposed home security system integrates various components and subsystems of the IR sensors into a specially designed GSM module to come up with a functional single automated architecture that functions effectively in a wide range of intelligent home environments (Isa and Sklavos, 2017). The figure below illustrates the architecture diagram of the home security system with the design set up and connectivity of its various modules. In the current era of modern technology, the issue of home security is paramount as the burglars advanced their intrusion techniques using various applications of cutting-edge technology. The need to secure our homes arises due to due to the need to protect various important documents, property, and life. This has necessitated the development of intelligent systems that are implemented through application-based technologies to automate home security systems. The Idea of Intelligent homes is base


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