The History of the Battle of Azule and its Aftermath Muhamed Awal Mehadi Author
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Academic Paper from the year 2019 in the subject History - Africa, grade: A, Raya University (Raya university), course: Ethiopian history, language: English, abstract: This paper analyses the Battle of Azule. Azule is one of the most important historical places in Ethiopia. It is a battle place where emperor Menelik II won a decisive battle over the Arsi Oromo forces. Arsi which is a well-known clan in Oromia regional state was fought to maintain its independence for about one decade. However because of the military superiority of the Menelik forces the forces the Oromo of Arsi were finally defeated at the battle of Azule in 1886. The defeat of the Oromo of Arsi led to the political, economic and social foundation of the present Ethiopian state. Not only Arsi Oromo, Harar, and Bale were the most important areas in the nineteenth century which opposes the Menelik II territorial expansions in the southeast part of Ethiopia. After their forceful subjugation, these areas did not totally become loyal to the emperor for many years. After Menelik's conquest, the land administration system of Arsi Oromo was totally changed in some parts and the politico-religious administrative system of the Arsi Oromo known as Gada system was also replaced by a new administrative system in the region.


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