God and the Faithfulness of Paul: A Critical Examination of the Pauline Theology of N.T. Wright Michael F Bird Editor
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N. T. Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God is the culmination of his long, influential, and often controversial career—a landmark study of the history and thought of the Apostle Paul, which attempts to make fresh suggestions in a variety of sub-fields of New Testament studies. This volume brings together a group of international scholars to critically weigh and assess an array of issues in Wright's work, including methodology, first-century contextual factors, exegetical findings, and theological implications. In so doing, the volume's contributors bring these facets of Paul and the Faithfulness of God into dialogue with the current state of scholarship in both Anglophone and German contexts. It thus offers both a critical evaluation of Wright's accomplishment as well as an excellent overview of and introduction to issues that are hotly debated within contemporary Pauline studies. Contributors: Eve-Marie Becker, Richard H. Bell, Michael F. Bird, James Hamilton Charlesworth, James Crossley, James D. G. Dunn, Katie Edwards, Sven Ensminger, Jorg Frey, Sigurd Grindheim, James Hanges, Christoph Heilig, Theresa Heilig, J. Thomas Hewitt, Edith M. Humphrey, Larry W. Hurtado, Torsten Jantsch, Seyoon Kim, Aquila H. I. Lee, John R. (Jack) Levison, Andreas Losch, Frank D. Macchia, Andrew Mc Gowan, Steve Moyise, Matthew V. Novenson, Volker Rabens, Benjamin Schliesser, Eckhard J. Schnabel, Gregory E. Sterling, Peter Stuhlmacher, Gregory Tatum, Joel R. White, Oda Wischmeyer


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