Taking Chances In Love Naomi McLaughlin Author
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Craig awoke with a start. He groaned in irritation as he reached for the black alarm clock he kept on the bedside table found on the left side of his bed. The small electronic display read 01:45am. He looked at the pink sheets on which he lay and realized, not for the first time, how lonely he felt. The huge amount of space he left unoccupied on the right side of his bed every night only served to aggravate the need he felt inside. With a considerable amount of will power he pushed the thoughts from his mind and rose from the bed heading straight for the sliding glass doors that led out of the bedroom. He badly needed a late-night snack, he thought as he headed into the kitchen.The kitchen he had was tiled all over in white and as he sat there on the counter opposite the electric cooker eating the sandwich he had made for himself his eyes hurt a little from the blinding effect they created with the white light coming from the light above. Yellow light from now on he thought that should set things right. He finished his sandwich and made another for himself. Eating had always been his answer to depression.


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