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The must-read summary of Sam Walton and Richard Huey's book: Sam Walton: Made in America: The Story of America's Richest Man.This complete summary of the ideas from Sam Walton and Richard Huey's book Sam Walton: Made in America tells the story of Walton and how he rose to becoming so financially successful. In their book, the authors reveal the tale of a small-town millionaire who revolutionised retail distribution, with Wal-Mart becoming the world's largest retail chain by sales turnover and constantly expanding. This was made possible thanks not only to Walton’s dedication to entrepreneurship, hard work, vision, dedication, but also because he wasn’t afraid of risk. This summary offers a fascinating insight into the man behind one of the greatest success stories in American history.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand key concepts• Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read Sam Walton: Made in America and discover more about the man behind Wal-Mart.


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