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I wrote this series after reading 'Twilight' and wishing that I knew more about Edward Cullen than Bella. He seemed two dimensional to me, and that was such a shame. After all, we all know what being human feels like, but a vampire? Now, there's the story.Think ‘Twilight’ meets 'Game of Thrones' and you are in the right mind-set to enter the world of 'Fire & Ice'.If you want to enter the dark and, at times, harrowing world of Doctor Connor and experience his human obsession, then you can find it here. ‘Fire and Ice: Awakening' began the journey which spans 5 novels and is much more than a vampire tale, it is an emotional roller coaster ride. This is Book Two in the Fire & Ice series - SURVIVALIn 'Awakening’ a Pandora’s box sprung open, and as the conflict hurtles into darkness, even vampire senses are reeling. Connor and Julian’s troubles have only just begun. Moving the human community to a secret location should have given them some respite, but the storm clouds are gathering.They are safe, but for how long?When Connor threw down the gauntlet and swore to protect Rebekah and her group, he sucked Julian into his chaotic world.Keeping humans out of the Farm Facility is only one stop along the way to madness, and now Julian is just as entangled in the web of deception. Lying to the jurors is something Julian faces with grim determination, and Connor’s senses are on continual overload as if he is juggling with fire and everything he loves could incinerate in an instant.Although still a thorn in their side, Serge they can control. The councilor is a mere splinter compared to a depraved foe who wears the cloak of anonymity.‘Safety’ is an illusion which crumbles when Rebekah’s life is on the line, Connor sacrifices himself to certain death… and that is just the beginning.SURVIVAL is the second in a series five vampire books set in post-apocalyptic England.If you want to know how Connor came to be, then the PREQUEL - Death of Connor Sanderson, set in 1910 London, takes you back to the beginning.


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