The Candy Cane Fiasco - (A Wee Bit Sticky) by Rachel Hilz (Paperback)
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About the Book A young girl finds herself in a sticky situation when she receives a candy cane. Book Synopsis Another hilariously sticky adventure from Rachel Hilz. You won't believe the candy cane fiasco that ensues when Santa tries to help! What parent hasn't struggled with a sticky child? Parents will laugh along with the kids in this over-the-top adventure loosely inspired by real-life experiences with a sticky kid. . My Gram gives me a candy cane, and that's when things get tricky. Now from my toes up to my nose, I am a wee bit sticky. Who would have thought a candy cane, and bath for our dear kitty... would be the reason we end up so high above the city? This is book three in the Wee Bit Sticky series, a humorous rhyming series that is sure to be a favorite in your home. Grab a copy today and an extra for someone who needs a good belly laugh!



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