Depression: A Self-guided Program to Overcome Depression (An Authoritative Book on Identifying Symptoms) David Harris Author
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Autism is a disorder that affects a person's communication, interests, and social interactions. The polyvagal theory shows us that autistic individuals are unable to communicate, interact with people or analyze social data normally. As a result, their bodies often read fight-flight-freeze responses and shut down. During childhood, their body remains in immobilization mode. The consequence is that they become agitated, have difficulties digesting food, and their interactions with the outside community is distorted. Their social engagement system has not been fully integrated. This condition may occur as a result of emotional trauma, fear at birth, or their vagus nerve was silence or damaged, leading to their nervous system not fully developing.Within this book, you will find:● A working definition of both emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy● Why emotional intelligence is so critical and how it directly influences every aspect of life● The pillars of emotional intelligence and the skills each entails● Emotional intelligence as it relates to the narcissist● How CBT took the best of both cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy to create an entirely new school of therapy● A working guide of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and anger, and how to deal with all of them using CBT-approved methods● How to develop social skills that will help you thrive in any situation that you find yourself in● AND MORE! It is time to talk a little biology and physiology. There is a part of your nervous system that is very important to learn about; your Vagus Nerve. This is one of the 12 cranial nerves in your body. And it is also the longest cranial nerve. It starts in your brainstem, and wanders down your body. It passes through your neck, through your lungs and heart, into your stomach, and through your digestive tract. And this nerve uses the length and connection to benefit your body when it is working properly.


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