Depression: Learn the Strategies to Overcome Anxiety and Depression (How to Understand and Cure the Symptoms) Russ Maisel Author
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Statistics have shown that some of the highest causes of death in the world are anxiety, depression and feelings of boredom and loneliness. Our world has become one of survival of the fittest. People wake up in the morning with countless activities lined up for the day that often consume the time meant for resting and self-reflection. We go to our jobs and work hard until late in the evening and sometimes head to other events before going home for the night. However, Emotional Intelligence & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is here to help. In reading this book, you will find that becoming capable of controlling your emotions does not have to be as difficult as it may sound. Anyone can learn how to control their emotions if they are willing to go through the effort to do so, and if you find that you are willing to, try this book. As you read through it, you will be introduced to both emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy, two such techniques that help you regulate your emotions. Emotional intelligence promises success if you master the skills within it whereas CBT offers people peace of mind and knowledge of how best to control their own thought processes.Within this book, you will find:● A working definition of both emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy● Why depression is so critical and how it directly influences every aspect of life● The pillars of emotional intelligence and the skills each entails● Emotional intelligence as it relates to the narcissist● How CBT took the best of both cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy to create an entirely new school of therapy● A working guide of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and anger, and how to deal with all of them using CBT-approved methods● How to develop social skills that will help you thrive in any situation that you find yourself in● AND MORE! While it may be impossible to believe that you can learn to control emotions after reading a book after a lifetime of being controlled by your emotions, it is true. You can learn to control your emotions by learning to acknowledge them without discrediting them, and learning how the cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors works in practice. You will learn how to overcome those negative feelings in order to stop allowing them to take control of your life. It may be intimidating to think that you can do it, but you can.


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