Emotional Intelligence For Leadership: Overcoming Depression, Social Anxiety And Stop Overthinking Insensitive Thoughts by Increasing Empathy (Achieve
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If you want to know yourself more deeply, and how to use emotional intelligence to live a happy life and fulfilled, then keep reading!!Emotional intelligence allows human beings to be emotionally aware about other people and to behave with emotional sensitivity. Men and women with these skills set have the capacity to be conscious of their interactions with others and to have empathy.Interest in emotional intelligence has increased recently as men and women realize that this is an aspect of intelligence that has traditionally been ignored. Although it is clear that intelligence is one of the keys to the emotional progress of the human being, the traditional definitions of this quality and the measuring instruments associated with it have so far proved to be completely inadequateInside you'll discover:What emotional intelligence is, and how it affects your relationships How developing emotional intelligence can significantly improve your life in all areas How to decode the emotional and psychological messages that affect your thought pattern The underlying causes of poor interpersonal skills The 21-day Challenge to help you restructure your life, and improve your relationships Simple tips and exercises you can start doing today to instantly raise your EQ and much more! All of the above questions and more are answered with fascinating, and sometimes even surprising, insights into the nature of the mind, emotions, and leadership. Because the nature of emotions is that they are personal, Emotional Intelligence for Leadership is designed to address the leader - in this case, you - directly. It is a guidebook, from one leader to another.


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