Learn Polish with Beginner Stories: Interlinear Polish to English Kees Van den End Author
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Best way to learn Polish by readingDo you want to learn Polish with real Polish Beginner Stories? It's easy with Polish and interlinear English. 130+ pages, with every word translated, so you can keep on reading.This book contains beginner stories from original Polish fairy tales, folktales and legends and translated word-for-word by Bermuda Word.We have added an interlinear translation to the Polish text. This means that the meaning of every Polish word or sentence is immediately accessible, which in turn will make it much easier for you to expand your Polish vocabulary fast.How to learn Polish fast and easyUse the HypLern method to learn to read Polish with ease and expand your vocabulary fast. Re-read the texts to learn the high frequency words. Then mark and learn the more difficult words until you master those by re-reading their paragraphs. The repetition and the association of the story will help you memorize the words.If you bought one of our e-books, and would like a version in pdf with different fonts, font sizes or font colors, or simply to upload to your reader device, just let us know and we'll provide you one!Also, audio is available as well, just contact us or find it on https://shop.hyplern.com/products/hyplern-learn-polish-with-beginner-stories-free-mp3s! Finally, we have an online HypLern App that integrates reading with word practice, for more learning options.


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