The Puzzle of Elijah (English): A Story of Love, Hope, Faith & Courage Olga A Anischenko Author
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A Story of Love, Hope, Faith & Courage.This book tells the story of a happy family awaiting the birth of their fourth child. In the middle of her pregnancy, Olga learns their baby boy will be born with a serious disability. Questions of serious concern arose: should they abort the baby or trust and accept God's will as it comes? Olga and her husband do not hesitate to choose life for their son. The child is born premature and very weak. Will he survive and, if he does, what will his life be like? Why did this happen to them, the Believers? How will these serious decisions affect their family? Elijah's birth created critical questions, which Olga, Oleg, and their loved ones will need to find answers to. Olga shares her poignant story to help support other families who face similar medical crises and emotional overwhelm.My name is Olga. This story is about my family, friends, and completely unfamiliar people, who miraculously appeared in our life and helped us during difficult times. I wrote this book for seven long years. Writing this book has been everything but easy. It has taken time to reflect, understand, and to become completely at peace with the decisions we made and the actions we took. And to be completely honest, it was painful everyday as I recalled and wrote down memories, experiences, thoughts, and such personal conversation as we sometimes had to have. It was never easy for me to entrust my soul to paper. I even had to face family and friends who doubted the wisdom of sharing our story. They felt there were parts of the story which should not be told. I then faced a new dilemma: should I tell only part of our story or be truthful in every detail. I chose the harder way, to share our journey as openly and completely as possible. Ultimately, I realized my story, told sincerely, would help other families in similar situations. This approach inspired me and gave me confidence I was doing the right thing. I know what parents feel in the midst of continuing crises. I have experienced their fears and their pleas for mercy in their prayers. I know they do not need pity. They need help and encouragement; support and assurance they are doing the right thing for their child; and never-ending love which gives them confidence to keep going.Every page of this book was written by me with tears. In the process of working and examining what we experienced, I discovered a lot in myself, in my loved ones, and in my God. It is God that Oleg and I are grateful to for the experience and support we received throughout such a difficult time for our family. We have discovered that serious trials can become the foundation for future growth and success. Passing through the limits of physical and moral strength, we moved forward. Accepting from God both good and bad, we decided to rely entirely on Him, believing that He will lead us to a better future.In fact, my book is a story of faith, hope, love, courage and, at the same time, worry for the future of our family. Under the weight of unimaginable stress, we made important and irreversible life and death decisions. It was a struggle and a challenge to everything we believed in and how we lived. Now, years later, we realize who we are and why we have experienced this life lesson. Over time, there was a clear understanding that we survived largely due to our large family, and the upbringing we received in our childhood. Our parents instilled the qualities in us which helped us cope with the tragedy. We realized that our life is firmly entwined with the subtle and inextricable thread of the past. It is a story of Olga's childhood in Ukraine, life of her grandparents and parents, illness of her father, immigration to America, first Love, ill child, healing after a tragedy in life, finding a real God and happiness again, and learning many life lessons.


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