Survival Cooking: Survival Food Storage And Prepping Damon Garrison Author
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Survival Cooking: Survival Food Storage And Prepping We would all like to be prepared if the worst should happen. Maybe you live somewhere that has a real possibility of being cut off from sources of food and water for a few days or a few weeks, or would simply feel safer to have made some preparations in advance of any unforeseen emergency. We are very used to being able to quickly and easily purchase a wide range of foods, sourced from all over the world and supplied to us in a hygienic and safe manner. But if a crisis should disrupt these systems, either temporarily or long-term, would you be prepared to ensure the best chances of health and survival for your household? In this book we will look at both short and long-term strategies for dealing with a lack of access to fresh food and water, and discuss the pros and cons of a range of survival foods, including • Water Storage • Refrigeration • Freeze Dried Foods • Dried Foods • Canned Foods • MREs and other Commercial Rations • Heating Your Food • A Survival Garden • Foraging • Discarding Food • Long Life Foods Download your E book Survival Cooking: Survival Food Storage And Preppingl by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now with 1-Click button!


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