The Trump-Russia Hustle: The Truth About Russia's Attack on America & How Donald Trump Turned Republicans Into Putin's Puppets Matt Szajer Author
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Conservative snowflakes, read no further.This will not be a safe space for you. For three and a half years, Russia's attack on the 2016 presidential election has dominated the news, yet most Americans know shockingly little of the story, because the facts are too sprawling and too surreal to grasp.For the first time, The Trump-Russia Hustle connects every piece of the Russia conspiracy puzzle until the entire terrifying picture becomes clear ― all the money connections and secret meetings, all the crimes, the changing stories, and the desperate attempts to silence the truth.Matt Szajer and Aidyl O'Connor weave together, in crisp and gripping detail, all the facts of the Trump-Russia investigation: Trump's decades-long relationship with Russian oligarchs, money-launderers and mobsters; his campaign's secret meetings with Russian operatives; his efforts to undermine the Justice Department's Russia investigation; and how, with the help of the rightwing propaganda machine, he's turned Republicans into Putin's puppets.By diving deep into the toxic swamp of modern conservatism, Szajer and O'Connor show the most disturbing aspect of the Trump-Russia scandal isn't what Trump is doing ― it's how he's getting away with it. The Trump-Russia Hustle exposes the danger to America from congressional Republicans who shield Trump from accountability, the conspiracy-peddling media who act as his propaganda machine, and the radical voters who defend him with cult-like devotion.Told with a sense of breathtaking urgency, The Trump-Russia Hustle is a chilling indictment of the perverse conservative political culture that allows Trump and his allies to escape consequences and encourages Russia to continue its assault on our democracy.It's the whole story, laid out in terrifying detail. GET THE BOOK, AND GET THE TRUTH ABOUT ...The Trump-Russia Connection• Donald Trump's longstanding business ties to Russia• The Trump Organization's decades-long dealings with Russian oligarchs, mobsters and money-launderers• Trump's businesses' reliance on Russian moneyThe Case for Collusion • Evidence of coordination with Russians working to sabotage the election• Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's ties to Russian oligarchs, and charges of conspiracy against the United States• Donald Trump, Jr. and the Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives promising dirt on his father's opponent• Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's secret conversations with Russians• Trump advisor Roger Stone's ties to Russian hackers and Wikileaks• Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and the Trump Tower Moscow project• Trump donor Erik Prince's meeting with a Russian money man in the Seychelles• Donald Trump's public plea for Russia to release hacked emails of U.S. citizensThe Case for Obstruction • Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey• False statements from Trump and his son regarding the Trump Tower meeting• Threats against witnesses and promises of pardons • Trump's appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme CourtThe Appearance of A Republican Coverup • Congressman Devin Nunes' midnight run to the White House and his dubious memo on FBI surveillance• Congressional Republicans premature end to the House investigation into Russian election interference? • Republican attempts to shut down the Justice Department's Russia investigation? • Smear campaigns against law enforcement officialsEvidence that Trump Is in Putin's Pocket? • Donald Trump's irrational defense of Putin and Russia• Trump's beta-dog submission to Putin in Helsinki, Finland• What did Vladimir Putin hope to gain from helping Trump get elected, and is Trump helping him achieve his aims? • The mysterious Republican appeasement of Putin and Russia• The question of kompromat: Do the Russians have secret recordings they are using against Trump? How Trump Is Getting Away With It • Conservatism as religion• The cult of personality• The spreading disease of extremism, Republican empowerment of the radical right, and normalization of the lunatic fringe• Playing on fears of the deep state • Conservative acceptance of criminal behavior on the part of conservatives• The rightwing propaganda network that promotes Trump's lies as truth• The four-decades-long conservative strategy of working the refs to create the myth of liberal media biasThe True Danger: Trump the Strongman • Donald Trump's authoritarian tendencies• Trump's use of propaganda to distract, divert and confuse the public• Creating a common enemy: attacks on the media, the 1st Amendment and press freedom• Threats, violence and intimidation• False appeals to populism• Trump equates himself with the country, a leader above the law• Trump and the BIG LIE


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