Plagued: Book One: The Girl Who Chased The Shadows Garrison Scott Author
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Skyler Campbell. Someone who had a serious crush on her once described Skyler as a bad ass blonde who has a way with words and guns. Someone who wanted her dead described her a bit differently - That b*tch is f*cking crazy.Either way there is no denying that she is a force to be reckoned with. An expert marksman, a martial artist, a survivalist. And a smart ass. For better or for worse, no matter what the situation, she is nearly always holding steady at DEFCON Snark.This is her story.It all started with 1997XF11. That's the official name for the asteroid that was hurling through space at 280,000 mph. For years it was predicted to come extraordinarily close to Earth, like many asteroids do. But this time, something went very wrong and its trajectory changed, putting it on a collision course with the planet. Surviving its impact in a bunker in Long Island wasn't even half the battle. Along with worldwide destruction, the asteroid also brought with it an alien bacteria that, once airborne, adversely affected a substantial portion of all 'XF11 survivors, changing their way of life in some very devastating ways. This new normal is unfriendly and dangerous for many, and Skyler finds herself on the run and hunted as she tries to navigate her way westward in hopes of starting a new life safe from those who now see her as an enemy of humanity.


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