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Attending L.A. Film School and learning how to write, direct, produce, and act in films, has been a goal of mine since middle school. I moved to L.A. two different times, and had it not been for having my amazing pitbull, Maximus, who deserves more than sleeping in a car, I would have stayed out there and been one of those starving actors and writers you hear about before making it BIG. I packed up and moved back to Ohio, then Florida, then Vegas always searching and striving for my goals and dreams. I got caught up in drugs BIG TIME! Not just dealing them, but doing them! I almost lost it all, and I did lose a few friends to the drug game. This story, in real life, took place in Ohio, Florida, and Las Vegas. I set it in New York City and, of course, changed the names and locations of certain people and places to protect their privacy and legal rights. I was searching for myself. I was searching for belonging, and I was searching for love. Money seemed to bring them all. I was wrong. I got involved in selling cocaine with my two best friends, and I quickly learned the life lessons of love and betrayal. If not for a special Angel in my life who believed in me and cared enough to wake me up, I might be dead or locked up! This story is the beginning to making it in Hollywood, and I dedicate this to anyone with BIG hopes and dreams! Stay Strong, and NEVER GIVE UP! Enjoy part one of my story!


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