Coronavirus the Pandemic of the Century and the Wrath of God Ramsis F. Ghaly MD Author
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Towards the end of 2019, I started to feel that the Lord, our God, had had enough of the stubborn and stiff necked people as their wickedness, rebellion, and disobedience continued against him and his son. These actions were a resemblance of the days of Noah, Sodom, Gomorrah, and Nineveh. I felt that Jesus, the son of God, no longer had a home here on Earth. There was no place for him in homes, playgrounds, workplaces, and sadly, no home in the churches that worshipped his holy name. I witnessed the wrath of God against Satan, beginning with the apocalyptic fires in Australia that killed millions of animals and destroyed the beautiful land. I began to warn the world through my posts starting on January 5, 2020. I knew his wrath would continue, this time by way of an apocalyptic pandemic that would kill thousands of people. I began to dream about the looming crisis and started to share with the world through my social media. I decided to write my first post on January 30, 2020 relating to the pandemic, calling for a worldwide chain of prayer. I knew the Coronavirus pandemic could not be treated and that many casualties could be expected. I could feel that God was angry while Satan was elated at the state of our world. Following my posts in January of 2020, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began evolving. I continued to cry out to the world, but was attacked, mocked, and threatened as people accused me of spreading rumors. I was told to stop, as people said, “This virus is nothing. It’s just another flu.” Others said, “You’re supposed to be a scientist and should know that the seasonal flu takes the lives of thousands every year. This Coronavirus is no threat.” I wished that they all would see what I see and hear what I hear, but few did. I decided to record all of my thoughts, dreams, nightmares, prayers, reflections, and predictions about this dangerous and lethal pandemic that the world was trying to dismiss. This book consists of 73 chapters across under ten sections, contain all of my posts in the order that they were written as well as my notes regarding what I have seen beginning in January 2020 until now, including my thoughts on the post-pandemic era. Some of my predictions have already occurred while others have yet to be seen. I believe that the message we should receive from all of this is that the world must look to our God, the almighty, and his son, Jesus, our Savior. The son shall return and God will lift his wrath as we all go through our journey of repentance here on earth for our salvation lies with the blood of Jesus. Only recently I have started to receive calls in which the people that doubted me have apologized that they did not listen sooner. They have seen that I knew what was coming and tried to warn them. While the Coronavirus pandemic continues, I pray that the Lord will have mercy upon our people and upon the face of the earth.


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