Existentialism: Will the Human Race Survive? Salvador DeLaRosa Author
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In an ideal world, all reality is compromised. An overpopulated earth living in a melting pot as free and responsible agents deciding their development through acts of their own will is unimaginable, and the human race has yet to evolve into such civil sophistication. As complexity of minds attempt to live in harmony, there are always differing ideologies causing inexplicable savagery unto the innocent. In the new age to evolve, humans will embark transferring cerebration and universal decisions to a new species. A super intelligent AI (artificial intelligence), in all probability, will be the front-runner of our next evolution. We should be concerned—will this new species to be engraved with our human-nature flaws? Will it magnify the four most powerful elements that drives us toward the atrocities that outweigh our kindness? To magnify curiosity, knowledge, profit, and power without proper containment of our flaws will it accelerate the extinction of mankind and all species on earth? The author considers the likelihood that we have not come across either by accident or by think-tank experimentation what is it to be a human being, nevertheless, attempt to become creators of a super human through an unnatural evolution—this will only agglomerate countless questions onto our existing library of ignorance.


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