Speed Reading: A Complete Guide for Beginners Quick & Easy Tips to Increase Your Reading Speed, Increase Productivity and Improve Memory Jake M Johnso
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Reading is a way that many people slow down the fast paced world around them, so people think that reading has to equal being slow. This isn't the case. You can read quickly, and it's something you can actually learn. It isn't just a gift that you're born with. Everyone can learn to speed read. Reading can be difficult when you're expected to keep up with work, friends, schools, families and other activities. There's only so much time in the day, so getting everything done can be difficult. If you're a slow reader, you're not alone. The average American can only read about 250 words a minute. It can take you even longer if you're trying to understand something important or comprehend something new. Too many people it can seem like you're wasting too much time, but that's where speed reading comes in handy. Speed reading is the ability to read quickly, sky rocketing to 350 words per minute or even more, while still retaining the information you need to. It can help you stay up to date with the news, propel through classes, or just learn new things by utilizing your time in a more efficient manner. In this book you'll learn different techniques to improve your reading. It doesn't matter if you're a slow reader that wants to get faster, or someone who can read quickly and just wants to get faster. This book can help you to reach your goal. It may take work at first, but speed reading soon becomes second nature in no time at all!


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