And The Universe Replied Michelle J. Williams Author
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Demi has always struggled to understand her life's purpose. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. Wrongfully terminated from her job and stuck at home with her bitter, neglectful mother, Demi is succumbing to an ever-looming cloud of hopelessness. She needs an escape, but when a spontaneous late-night adventure with her wise and aberrant neighbor, Sabrina, and her eccentric teenage friends goes from one of the best nights of her life to the worst, she finally decides that she's had enough.Demi retreats from her hometown of Kearney, Nebraska and heads west for Colorado Springs. There, she gives the world one more chance to reignite her will to live. After meeting a beautiful stranger and finding solitude in the forest, the world seems to have delivered. However, fate has other plans: Demi still perishes in the mountains-but not by choice.Now trapped on the other side, she befriends a celestial spirit named Lune who opens her eyes to how strange yet beautiful the universe truly is. Humbled, Demi is ready to let go and accept the afterlife until a beloved ghost from her past intervenes. She soon discovers that her time on Earth may not be up after all. In fact, she may be needed there more than she ever knew.


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