What I learned About Life: I watched 60+ hours of BBC Natural History Programmes and Lived to Tell the Tale Bob Prophette Author
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In 2010 I decided to watch the whole of the BBC's Life Box Compilation of Natural History programmes (60+ hours) to see what I could learn about life. This book is made up of the largely unedited notes I kept while watching the series. For a long time I could not decide how to present these. For many years I attempted to turn them into an epic poem. Following an idea my daughter had I then re-edited some of it to be about a character called the Clockmaker - basically David Attenborough who has returned to survey his creation. In the course of doing that I removed all the personal references. I liked the tone of the Clockmaker version but came to feel it had all lost too much with the removal of the context of what I did. So some eight years after the start of this project I returned to the original notes and present them as what they are. My thoughts on the Life Box. The Clockmaker will return.


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