Brave New Universe: One Man's View of All That Is Paul J. Salvatore Author
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In Brave New Universe - One Man's View of All That Is, Paul J. Salvatore shares an insightful compilation of inspirational prose, quotes, and poetry in this memoir of personal enlightenment. The book takes the reader on a journey through his very normal upbringing in a conservative, Catholic, middle-class family on Long Island and explores how his perspective changed radically as he was introduced to different people and schools of thought during his late teen years and, later, while serving in the government sector. He expresses his views on some very emotional topics, such as philosophy, religion, politics, mortality, social issues, and his experiences with indigenous cultures and the natural world, all of which inspired him to compose poems and write about his experiences. Along his life journey, Salvatore also developed a strong interest in seeking a higher truth and developing a comprehensive view of all that is and to share the wisdom he gained in hopes of raising the hearts and minds of humanity. He sends out a message of hope and unity to people of all faiths and nationalities and prompts us all to understand that we share a lot more with each other than we may think. The author also describes how he was influenced, in part, by philosopher and author Aldous Huxley and his literary works, including Brave New World, written in 1932. He warns how we might be heading in the direction of the dystopic society described in Huxley's book, if we don't change our ways and heed warnings from the lessons of history. Brave New Universe stimulates the range of human passions and is a relevant and inspiring must-read for today's world.


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