A Message to the Modern Churches Kathy Bates Author
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When her health failed she did what most Christians do; went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors. After 18 months, 11 doctors, and lots of prayer, she was worse, much worse. So she canceled all medical appointments, cried out to God, and was taken on an amazing journey. God helped her understand that it's pointless for Him to heal someone who doesn't know what's making them sick as they will only continue in their diet, lifestyle, environment, and relationships that created the illness in the first place. Today she's well and hasn't been to a mainstream medical doctor for illness since 1989, though she is a grateful benefactor of their surgical skills post-trauma. Even then the knowledge she'd acquired helped her avoid pitfalls and enhance her recovery beyond the limits of mainstream medicine. God taught her how to get well and continues to share knowledge with her today. Just imagine if most of Christianity had the same or a similar testimony. This booklet serves as the introduction in a larger book titled, Getting Well God's Way. Several readers admitted to crying after reading this so I decided to extract it so it can be shared with others. It will take all of us to turn this mess around!


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