Love Is a Many Splintered Thing Scotty Zollars Author
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The word love has so many meanings in English. In my little desk dictionary on my desk there are six definitions listed. I am sure if I looked at the big unabridged dictionary at work there would be many more. The word is so overused that it lacks the intensity to cover what you want to convey when you use the word. Foreign languages, like Spanish, break it down further, but even then, at times, it does not cover what you want to say. This volume is a little more tame than my first volume, The Journey: Traveling to a New Life Through Poetry. It still has some rough language, but it shows a different side of me. There is a reason for this. I have found real, romantic love in the arms of Mr. James Flaming. He is my rock, my steadier, my love, my partner, my completer, my everything. I love you everything, honey. Thank you so much for helping me to see love in a new way that I have never seen before.


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