The Sanctuary and the Twenty-Three Hundred Days of Daniel VIII. 14: The Sanctuary and its cleansing Uriah Smith Author
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Thy way, O God is in the Sanctuary. Psalm 77:13 Throughout the Christian era, the devil has done everything possible to obscure Christ's High Priest ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. After His death for our sins He ascended to be the Priest of the true sanctuary-the Heavenly. For some two thousand years He has been ministering His atoning blood in the removal of the guilt and power of sin in His earthly followers. His work for the salvation of fallen mankind is NOW culminating in the Day of Atonement services, in the presence of the Father in the Most Holy Place. He is laboring to remove the presence of sin from His cooperating followers; thus allowing Him to blot out the records of their sins, cleansing not only them, but the Heavenly Sanctuary as well. Uriah Smith uses the same scholarly approach as in his better known work Daniel and the Revelation. He leaves no stone unturned in his presentation of this all important topic. The reader will be convicted of the validity, and seriousness, of this long, too often, neglected subject. The following is from the books Preface, written by the author in 1877:That which is perhaps most calculated to excite our wonder in connection with this subject is the fact that a question so intimately connected with, and so essentially modifying, some of the most important subjects of the Bible, should have lain so long unnoticed. And this furnishes all the greater reason why, now that light is shining upon it, and its commanding position in the great temple of truth is discovered, the most earnest efforts should be made to bring it to the attention of the people.This subject is intimately connected with the prophecies, and this may be one reason why it has not sooner come up for consideration; for it has been reserved to this present generation, living in the time of the end, to behold the seal broken from the prophetic page and to see a wonderful increase of knowledge respecting its soul-inspiring utterances. But an understanding of the subject of the sanctuary is essential to the understanding of some of the most important of these prophetic records.There is, it is said, in Rome a room the walls of which are covered with tracings which to the beholder, as he enters, appear but a mass of inextricable confusion. But as he reaches one certain point in the room, immediately all lines fall into place, all forms assume their due proportion, the laws of perspective assert their sway, and the room appears covered with harmonious and beautiful imagery.The sanctuary occupies this true point of perspective in the prophetic apartment of the Sacred Scriptures. From it the unity and harmony of the prophetic lines can be seen as from no other standpoint.It is interwoven also with subjects of the greatest practical importance; and we commend it to the reader as having a wider bearing and involving a greater number of important topics than any other subject to which our attention is called by the unfoldings of prophecy.- U.S. July, 1877.THE CHAPTER TITLES ARE:The Subject IntroducedConnection with ProphecyExposition of Daniel 8The Year-Day PrincipleDaniel 8 Explained by Daniel 9Determined, Daniel 9:24, Means Cut OffThe Seventy WeeksIntermediate and Closing Dates of the Seventy WeeksThe Original Advent FaithWhat is the Sanctuary?Points of HistoryThe TempleDestruction of the TempleThe Sanctuary Offered by EzekielThe Sanctuary RebuiltThe New Covenant SanctuaryA Sanctuary In HeavenMinistration of the SanctuaryCleansing of the Earthly SanctuaryThe Ministration of the Heavenly SanctuaryWithin the VailBetween the CherubimThe Priesthood of Christ Cleansing of the Heavenly SanctuaryA Work of JudgmentThe Opening of the TempleFinishing of the Mystery of GodThe AtonementThe Tenth Day of the Seventh MonthThe Close of ProbationThe Seven Last PlaguesThe Scape-GoatThe End of SinThe Subject Concluded


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