A Friend in the Woods: Space Ships, Clones and The Hive! Annette Foster Author
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A ship crashes in the forest of a distant world. A lonely man survives. Those that come to help him out, could be friends, or they may eat him instead? Well, the fact is that some of the animals on this planet are Shifters. They are human scientists with genetically altered and upgraded DNA. The alterations allow them to become other forms. They are hiding out to stop the Company the government... from using their science to create Forever Soldiers. Slaves! But they may get more then they bargained for! This Book was written during the Month of April and received the 2018 Camp Nanowrimo Award! Along with this complete story, I have included a few additional extras. The Edge of Nowhere! Intro and Chapter One. The Mayweather journeys never end. Thrown to the edge, lost... and trying to get home... Was it planned? Was this a test?Or... was there so much more happening then just a birthday party and a few unhappy guests?The Mother of Hope, the human race trapped in time, aboard dying ships, Red Sky, Two ace internet reporters take on the natural and the super natural...pirates and a big fish tale!Farcrest, We all want what we think we can not have. This book is a wonderful collection of my space stories. I hope they will take you far out... and beyond. Thank you for your readership. Ann FosterBooksbyAFoster


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