How to Win the Bachelor - by Chad Kultgen & Lizzy Pace (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis Perfect for fans of Bachelor Nation and Seinfeldia , an illuminating deep dive into the most successful reality TV franchise of all time-- The Bachelor . Since its premiere in 2002, ABC's The Bachelor has become a staple of American television. Now, discover the fascinating history of the show, uncover the ins and outs of the phenomenon that has become Bachelor Nation, and take a deeper look at what separates the winners from the losers. From how best to exit the limo on Night One, to strategies for making a run for the all-important First Impression Rose, to how to avoid being labeled a villain, this clear-eyed guide illustrates the rules and strategies any would-be contestant should know. The ultimate must-read for every fan, How to Win the Bachelor gives you an ""entertaining"" ( Publishers Weekly ) inside look at the franchise where The Rose holds all the power. About the Author Chad Kultgen is a bestselling author, journalist, screenwriter, and podcast host. His novels include The Lie ; The Average American Male ; Strange Animals ; The Average American Marriage ; and Men, Women, and Children . He is also the creator of the NBC series Bad Judge . Follow him on Twitter @ChadKultgen. Lizzy Pace is a network comedy television writer, with credits including NBC's Bad Judge and the Emmy-nominated series The Good Place , starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. Her writing has also appeared on Funny or Die and PopCultureSensation . Follow her on Twitter at @PaceCase."



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