Time Value of Money Decoded: Snowballing Your Way to Financial Freedom Jeremy Kho Author
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The No-Brainer Approach to accumulate Wealth!you will learn that working toward financial freedom is NOT IMPOSSIBLE as you pick up ideas from this book.Over time, money can do two things, grow or depreciate. These two outcomes inarguably mean that over time you can gain more money and become rich or you lose money until you become broke. An understanding of the effect that time and its accompanying monetary variables have on money and how to apply that knowledge in finance is why rich people become wealthier, the middle class become rich, and the poor become rich.Making money requires a rudimentary knowledge of financial transactions and understanding financial transactions--whether involving investment, borrowing, or lending -- requires a knowledge of the time value of money (TVM), as well as the financial mathematics that goes with it. Even though TVM can be an important aspect of finance, there aren't many resources that take the time to describe it adequately. Time Value of Money Decoded is a financial freedom manual created to teach the concept of time value of money, presenting the math behind it along with spreadsheets where you can apply them. This comprehensive guide further provides practical advice on how TVM works with your finances, emphasizing and highlighting the critical problems in the average person's financial life and providing the information needed to improve them. Most importantly, you will learn that working toward financial freedom is NOT IMPOSSIBLE when you understand the MATH behind TVM. Buy this book NOW to learn and snowballing your way to financial freedom!Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!


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