The French Academy - Book I Pierre de la Primaudaye Author
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The French Academy In four books 1. Moral philosophy - Institution of manners and callings of all estates. 2. Human philosophy - Concerning the soul and body of man. 3. Natural philosophy - A notable description of the whole world, &c. 4. Christian philosophy Published in four volumes from 1578-1608, The French Academy has been described as the first encyclopedia. Volume one concerns moral philosophy, volume two human philosophy, volume three natural philosophy, and volume four Christian philosophy. This edition presents the complete English translation of 1618, revised for modern spelling and grammar. In volume one the author draws on classical sources, especially Plato, to discourse on virtues and vices, family, education, occupations and government. In the words of the 1586 English edition: Wherein is Discoursed the Institution of Maners, and Whatsoever Els Concerneth the Good and Happie Life of All Estates and Callings, by Precepts of Doctrine, and Examples of the Lives of Ancient Sages and Famous Men. It is remarkable that no English edition of The French Academy has been published for 400 years; this volume will address a longstanding lacuna and make an important text available to modern readers for the first time.


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