Mind Games of Life: How a Simple Change in Your Mind Can Create Extraordinary Results in Your Life Gwen R Tenney Author
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Inside this book you will find the discovery of something more than magical, more than enough, and more than awesome! It's not really a secret. It's out there, written in the pages of countless books, seen on the screens of hundreds of movies, captured in the videos on YouTube, and Social Media... the message that is just for YOU. The value and potential of each person is beyond comprehension. Each person, no matter their strengths and weaknesses or abilities and disabilities has been designed to become successful in whatever they choose to pursue. Unfortunately, we are all subject to self-limiting beliefs and limiting beliefs that others have imposed upon us. The message in the pages of this book will help you understand what is blocking you from success and how to deal with your own BS. You will learn how to achieve greatness from the inside out both personally and professionally. It will help you to gain clarity on your purpose, the potential that is available to you, and how to use it. Success is a decision. It is up to you to decide to take the steps necessary to allow the awesomeness that is you burst forth from its hiding place within! Reading this book will be the first step in your path of understanding and phenomenal success! Congratulations! You are on your way to greatness!


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