Communication Techniques: To Help You Present, Persuade & Win Connie Whitman MBA Author
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I'm sure you have seen the numbers that 70% of Americans hate their jobs and 90% of those people think they have the boss from hell. How do you think those numbers came to be and how do you think they are reflected in your organization? Chances are, they are! Many executives are surprised when they uncover the truth. Think about how much time and money is wasted in meetings that go nowhere? Unfortunately, most company meetings are structured in a way that allow a handful of outspoken individuals to be heard while the majority of employees' voices, and solutions go unheard. Many employees who want to contribute become frustrated, showing up and giving less and less every day. You are sitting on a goldmine of talent. What if you could learn how to crack open the untapped talent that you already have? Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to unlock your teams hidden talents by igniting each employees creativity, and commitment, using a proven methodology so all employees voices are heard and the best ideas rise to the top. Do you believe communication is the cornerstone of your success both personally and professionally? Are you curious about how you communicate and how your messages are received? Learn how to sharpen, perfect, and master your communication skills to get people to listen to every word and idea you have. Take this FREE Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ at Receive your personal report, which will provide a snap shot of how you communicate and will also highlight your communication gifts and challenges, that you face ever day. Learn more about the five core communication styles. The Wisdom De-Coded Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ is a useful tool designed to help navigate the many layers of human communication styles. The first step in learning how to modify your communication habits is to fully understand the components that make up different communication styles. Your CSA Style will affect how you perceive, interpret and respond to different situations. Isn't it time you and your team fulfill your full potential and let it be the power behind your success?


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