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The CBS Radio Workshop aired from January 27, 1956 through September 22, 1957 and was a revival of the prestigious Columbia Workshop which aired from 1936 to 1943. Creator William Froug launched the series with the powerhouse two-part adaptation of Brave New World and booked author Aldous Huxley to narrate his famous novel. We'll never get a sponsor anyway…, CBS vice president Howard Barnes explained to Time, …so we might as well try anything. The CBS Workshop regularly featured the works of the world's greatest writers including Ray Bradbury, Archibald MacLeish, William Saroyan, Aldous Huxley, Lord Dunsany, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Wolfe and Ambrose Bierce. Music was composed by Bernard Herrman, Jerry Goldsmith and others. Enjoy 12 of the greatest episodes from this award-winning drama series. 5/25/56 The Little Prince w/ Raymond Burr and Dick Beals 6/8/56 Bring on the Angels w/ Mason Adams and Louis Van Rooten 6/29/56 The Eternal Joan w/ Elspeth Eric and Ed Prentiss 7/13/56 The Case of the White Kitten w/ Kenny Delmar and Mason Adams 7/27/56 Star Boy: The Blackfoot Indian Legend of the Two Morning Stars 8/10/56 Only Johnny Knows: An Appraisal of the Three Ages of Child Raising 8/17/56 Colloquy No. 2: A Dissertation on Love, or Boy Meets Girl w/ Frank Baxter 8/24/56 The Billion Dollar Failure of Figger Fallup w/ Joseph Julian 8/31/56 Colloquy No. 3: An Analysis of Satire w/ Stan Freberg and Alan Reed 9/7/56 The Hither and Thither of Danny Dither 10/5/56 Roughing It w/ Samuel Clemens, Louis Van Rooten and Daws Butler 10/12/56 A Writer at Work w/ William Conrad and Hector Chevigny


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