Company and Position Specific Interview Prep: How You Too Can Get Job Offers from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Uber, Facebook And Many More Kunal Chopra
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When it comes to interviewing, most candidates have no idea how to absolutely blow away their future employers. With Company and Position Specific Interview Prep, Kunal puts his 15 years of experience as an interviewer and interviewee to create a guide to absolutely ace your upcoming interview. He believes that each student and professional has the potential to join the ranks of the some of the greatest companies in the world - companies such Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Uber among others. All you need is a plan that you can follow in a step by step manner. Kunal gives you that plan. Just like Kunal took his career from an entry level engineer to the Chief Operating Officer of a private software company, he believes that every individual can set out to do the same. But that starts by defining a vision for your life. Then it's about executing on that vision. Kunal intend to show you how. By the end of this book, you will not only have your idea job offer in hand, but you would've created so much leverage during your interviewer that interviewers would have no option but to give you your dream offer. But more importantly you will do it one step at a time with tons of theory and ever more homework to complete at the end of each chapter.


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